Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Trail & Liberty University

We finally headed back... It was so pretty the time flew by!

Look what we found!

We then drove to George Washington National Forest to go swimming at some falls! This is the creek that we passed on the way. 
It was SOOOO COLD!! 

I didn't make it in very far!

The kids and I spent the rest of the week hanging out and going to the mall and movies! On the last day we decided to check out the Liberty University Campus!! We had a little picnic together... 

Then we went to the Liberty Museum!

I loved this chandelier!

This place was awesome!

Even Alyssa liked it! 

The Jerry Falwell Family Heritage!

The kids even got to meet him. LOL

Sissy really seemed to enjoy herself!

Such a pretty campus!
When Detto was done with his testing we loaded up the car and headed to Washington DC.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Hiking in Virginia 2014

We hiked to the top to have lunch! It was a good hike!

I love this girl!I love her hair!! 

Proof that I was there! LOL

Such a lovely girly!

Alyssa enjoyed the flora too!

This is right before we got to the top.

The view from the top!

Proof that we made it! 

 We had lunch and Stephen took time to write in his journal. We passed some nice hikers and then... 

I found a way to take a group photo!
Here is our little party from left to right - Stephen, Alyssa, Me, Kami, and Alura

There was no cell reception all day, but then my phone rang. If I stood in this exact spot I was able to check in with Detto. 
He happened to be on break and had NO IDEA where the kids and I were hiking! I assured him that Kami our fearless leader knew where to go and that we would be back in time for dinner. 
More of our adventures tomorrow...

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Flowers of the Appalachian Mountains! Virginia 2014 Part 2

The flowers were sooooo pretty! 
As we hiked I kept stopping to take more pictures of the plants! 

I even found a feather! 

This was AMAZING up close! 

The flora was so different!

Then there are the mountains. 
For someone who lives in "Mount Dora" I should be a mountain connoisseur. Hee hee hee
Not really! We live at 100 ft above sea level. It's not very mountainous around here! 

But these mountains were lovely! 
We enjoyed the colors and views. 
Blue is my favorite color and I love how mountains appear blue from a distance!

God is good!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mongiovi Update...

Well, I've not been blogging in a few months! 
Thank you for all of the prayers, questions, and concern. 

I didn't plan on taking a break, it just happened. 
Life got busy and then a little of this happened and everything changed... 
 At least Detto got my crackers and chocolate in the hospital! The man even found me soup that I could drink through a straw while lying down! 
I went for a routine eye exam and then spent several weeks trying to figure out what was going on. I just wanted contacts that I could sleep in, but I digress!

I am feeling a little better now after MONTHS of not feeling like me, soooooo I've decided to catch up on my blog! I was already behind. In October I was blogging about July! 
Crazy, I know! 
But.... I want to pick up where I left off, because as Alyssa says "My Mom records my entire life. You get used to it after awhile!"

So I hope you enjoy a TON of entries to get me caught up through Summer, Fall, the Holidays, a major birth in our family, doctors appts, Winter, and now Spring! 
I hope you enjoy the posts as much as I do!