Monday, July 28, 2014

Construction Update & Kyle!

Look... They are starting to put concrete on the columns! 

The front pergola boards are up..


The back is looking more like an actual porch is being added on!

Detto moved the palm trees and they are doing amazing in their new spots!

So are the little palms!

Then there was a problem...Apparently when they poured the concrete they broke a sprinkler line, so they have to dig it up and fix it! 

This looks promising! 

The front yard is loving the rain. The plants are going CRAZY!!

I take Bella over to play with Bailey regularly because these two puppies are driving Jackson and Linus crazy!
They play so hard with each other! It is hilarious to watch!

Kyle wanted to show me what he has been building..

That Lego Ship/area/figure (i'm not sure what it is) looks AWESOME Kyle! 
He is getting so big. He is growing so fast. I can not believe how tall he is! 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Nana!

For Nana's Birthday this year we kidnapped her! 
We took her to the movies...

I can not believe how much taller Alyssa is than Nana! 
She has grown so fast! 

Movie Selfie!

Then we went to dinner at an outdoor Italian Restuarant in Lake Mary!

What a cute group! 
We had lots of fun, so I hope that she did too!! 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Around the House & Princess House!

Detto left to go to Texas this summer. 
He goes every year for military training and advancement. 
Whenever Daddy leaves the kids seem to forget how to do their chores...

So I came up with a way to help them without me nagging...
The trash is FULL!! so, take it out! 

Put up your stuff! It does not belong here.

It's empty... so where do I put it??How about the recycling bin?

It's the little things that make a lot of clutter.

Then this came in the mail! I earned this from Princess House! 
Yippy for me! It is a Hand Blown & Hand Engraved beverage dispenser! 

I went to our Florida meeting...

Lisa Scarberry was also there... 
She was honored for a TON of Stuff!

She was Crowned!

So proud! 

Then they called Ronnie up to answer some questions about Lisa's business.That was a hoot!

Afterwards Lisa and I got together and had wine on the back porch.No, it's not finished, but my swing is! 

Look what I got...

A set of 8 glasses! 
4 were for being a new consultant and 4 were for sales! 

I'm so happy! 

Bella update... She likes to shred paper. LOL

The rain has been CRAZY lately!

Do you see the standing water? 
This summer has been nice, but the rain has been crazy!
That's all for now folks!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Abby Time & Sewing

Abby came and spent the night with me.

We went to "Nother Sisa's" house to meet the new puppy... Bailey!

Abby was interested in the cookies! 

Then Abby decided that she wanted to sew with Sesa!

My heart is overjoyed! 
SEWING!! Yippy! 

She had to work on the cross stitch project that I was working on. 

So cute! 

She was so serious about it! 

Then... she crashed! 
She is so much fun to be around! I love spending time with her. 
She is such a sweetie pie!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

ACA Graduation 2014

Alyssa is so adorable with her friends! 
I love that she has made such great friends at this school!

The Second Grade Class sang for the High School Graduation and they Rocked It!! 

Gabe had a solo! Too cute!

Doug Dykstra opened the service with a prayer! 
Can you believe that he is in a suit??

2014 Graduating Class of FOUR!! 

Justice Carrasco was the Valedictorian.

His speech was really good.

Aaron was baptized during the graduation and then changed into his military uniform. I had to giggle at this! He is going to be going into the Marines. 
He is so excited! 

So cute!

Justice did really good!

So cute! 

I'm done!! 

It's over... Little do they know that this is only the beginning! 
I am glad that we had four graduates. It was a great year at ACA this year!